Welcome to Ryokurin Ryo, AKA Greenwood.

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I've encountered some confusion as to what exactly this page is, so let's clear this up:

This page, and in fact this whole house, is dedicated to the spirit of Greenwood. Greenwood is a fictional boys dorm at a Japanese highschool near Tokyo. The adventures of the residents of this dorm can be seen in the anime (Japanese animation) and manga (Japanese comics) titled Koko wa Greenwood (Here is Greenwood).

Some time ago it an irrational decision was made that a bunch of friends, all anime fans, should live together... so we found ourself a house, and Greenwood was founded. This page, although for the most part written by Mehve, is not about Mehve... it's about the house and all the people associated with it. Yes, our house has a web page... and why not?

How about a quick tour of Greenwood?
You can take a quick look around the house... see Greenwood in all its glory. See all the theater and engineering and the yard, etc. Then you'll understand why this is our green paradise.

Catch up on the latest Greenwood events!
From anime conventions to the unofficial Radio Greenwood Anime Radio Show... you too can watch Team Greenwood make fools of themselves. Interesting things are afoot at Greenwood and you can be there!

Or maybe you're like to meet Team Greenwood?
Find out about the people who live at this unique house, and our friends. Collectively, we call ourselves Team Greenwood. This area has information about each of us, as well as our mascots, the Greenwood Girls, Kei and Hazumi

See what amuses Team Greenwood!
What do you spend your time on? From movies to paintball, from anime to making models, Team Greenwood has numerous interests. This section tackles the problem of what to do on a weekend. Find out for yourself what some of our hobbies are.

Interact with Team Greenwood
Want to drop us a line? Or join us on-line for some interesting discussions on the Greenwood message board? Or maybe you'd like to get a hold of some of our neat Team Greenwood merchandise or background images? Here's the place to look!

Feel free to take a look around!
And while you're at it, why not sign our guestbook?