Here at Greenwood, we like our networked multiplayer games.
     Boy, do we like them!

Our LAN setup consists of (currently) 6 computers, all networked together via a 16-port 100Mbps switch. (Yes, you read that right, 16 ports, 100MBps, and yes it's a switch, not a hub.) You ask yourself, "Why not save some money and get a 8 port hub?" Well let me tell you why...

So that brings us to six. But why the 16-ports? Why DHCP? Why DNS? Why a file server?
The answer is simply really. Many of the Team Greenwood and Team Greenwood Regulars have computers as well. And on good weekends, or when new games come out, they like to come over with their computers. We have at least 4 regular visiting computers. So that brings us, on a busy weekend, to 10 computers. Then throw in things like CHUDFest, where we've had as many as 28 on the LAN, and you see why it makes sense. To join the Greenwood LAN, all you have to do is bring over a computer, set your machine to DHCP, and you're instantly on the network, connected to the Internet, and have access to all sorts of files, utilities and patches.

Pretty neat, eh? I think so, but I'm a geek and the one who built the network, so I'm biased.