Important CHUDFest News!

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- Mehve

CHUDFest 2000

October 28-29, 2000

Thanks again to everyone who came. It was a great party and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves! Check out the message board to post your opinions, and let us know how we can make it even better! Although I personally wasn't in any shape to watch it, I'm also ecstatic that so many people actually wanted to watch C.H.U.D.!
Peace everyone!
- Mehve

If you didn't get a chance to get a good look at the staff shirts, here they are:
(Thanks Meg for the art!)

CHUDFest 2000 Stats:

Attendance: Assuming everyone signed in, we had 39 guests and 4 staff in attendance. (Down 2 from last year)
LAN: 7 gaming/13 total computers on the LAN. (A big drop of 9!)
A lot of PC gamers didn't make it this year, but the console-room was hoppin' with the Dreamcast!
Food: 36 feet of subs. 200 chicken wings.
Breakfast: 40 eggs, a loaf of French toast, 2 lbs bacon, 2 lbs hashbrown, 3 pots of coffee, 1 gallon milk, 2 gallons of OJ.
Snacks: 5 boxes of Pocky, 4 bags of chips, 3 lbs of Halloween chocolates, 2 lbs of mixed veggies, 1 quart of ranch dressing, 2 lbs of cheese, 1 large birthday cake.
Beverages: 84 Killian's red, 24 Coronas, 10 liters of assorted liquor, 34 liters of soda, plus lots of miscellaneous beer/cider/liquor that people brought (thanks!)
Sundries: 20 bags of ice, 5 lbs dry ice, about 200 plastic cups, 100 paper plates, and lots of plastic forks and spoons.
Places: Main events, a con suite, a console gaming room, a PC gaming room, a tikki lounge, and OPs. The console room had a lot of traffic this year.
Misc: Of interest was a new audio system we were experimenting with. Three rooms had a single audio feed which allowed total music control from a single computer. So you could walk from room to room and hear the same music... pretty neat. We also had a wireless microphone this year which, despite a couple problems, worked out pretty well.