"We're Not Staying Down There Any Longer."

The First CHUDFest MicroCon promises to be an unforgettable time for all lovers of CHUD. When the government creates havoc by dumping radioactive waste in unusued subway tunnels, bums are turning into CHUD, and CHUDs are turning into FUN!

Location, Date, and Time

The first annual CHUDFest will be held at Greenwood, September 31.


Sorry, pre-registration is now closed. You missed your chance to get "BUD", the official CHUD Beanie Baby. Passes are available at the door, and cost $15 for the entire MicroCon. Thanks to all those who pre-registered and made CHUDFest'98 possible. CHUDFest'98 T-Shirts are still avaialble and will be available in the Dealer's Room as well. We have small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and mutant (with the extra sleeves).


The following unconfirmed guests will be gracing CHUDFest'98:
Douglas Cheek: Director of CHUD
John Heard: also starred in The Telephone, Dead Ahead, and Gladiator.
Daniel Stern: also appeared in Leviathan, Frankenweenie, Rookie of the Year, and I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can.
Christopher Curry: also in Cross of Fire and The Return of Superfly.
Kim Greist: also in Brazil, Houseguest, Duplicates, and Roswell - The UFO Cover Up.
Gerrit Grahm (AKA BUD the CHUD): also in Terror Vision, RatBoy, Night of the Cyclone, and It's Alive 3: Island of the Alive.
So bring your autograph books, as each of our guests will have scheduled autograph and Q&A sessions.

CHUD Screening

The massive Greenwood theater will be running CHUD continuously during the con, not to mention some of the other classics in the other screening rooms, such as: Leviathan, They Live, and Bordello of Blood.


Signup for the CHUDFest Costume Play will be held at the registration tables. If you plan to enter the CHUDPlay, please be sure to sign up early. Prizes will be awarded immediately following the CHUDPlay by our panel of judges.

The Game Room

Quake 2 Capture the Flag: CHUD versus Humans!
Axis and Allies: CHUDs versus the Allies in a battle for world domination!
And classics like Gauntlet: battle through countless dungeons to find and destroy the source of the CHUD.

Dealer's Room

The dealer's room boasts to be the largest marketplace for CHUD merchandise. Dealer's tables are still open for CHUDFest'98, but space is running out fast! Dealer's fee's include free passes for up to 5 employees and cost 75$ per table. Contact the Dealer's Room Coordinator for more information. But hurry, time is running out.

Discussion Panels

Although not final, here is the preliminary list of panels:
Douglas Cheek: The Making of CHUD
Douglas Cheek, the director of CHUD, discusses the production of CHUD, the difficulties of filming, and other behind the scenes info about CHUD.
Gerrit Grahm: Being a CHUD
Gerrit talks about his role as Bud the CHUD in CHUD 2, his motivation for the part, and how it changed his life.