The time was Fourth of July, 1998.
The place was Greenwood.
The event was...

Greenwood's Independence Day Party

We had a small party in Greenwood to celebrate the Fourth of July. Nothing fancy about it, just a normal get together with friends. Food, drinks, Drinks, and minor explosives were in abundance, and it lasted most of the day and part of the next. It was good fun, and nothing got broken (except one chair, which was broken BEFORE the party). The people at the party varied by the time, and surprisingly, parking wasn't a problem. That was probably the most amazing part.

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The Grill Welcome to the party. The Greenwood House. The Greenwood Party. The Greenwood Residents... and the Greenwood MaterFlame 8000 Gas Heated Grill. This was the source of the food for most of the weekend. It consisted of mostly hamburgers, hot dogs, and lots of junk food. (Hey, free food is free food, right?)
Drinks On! Not much picture worthy stuff occurred between the firing up of the grill and later that night. We watched some movies, ate, drank and were merry. It later started picking up when more people started showing up and then things began to happen.
Captain Squared Both Captain Rugged and Captain Morgan dropped by for a visit. Surprisingly (even though Mehve loves a good Spiced rum and coke) Captain Morgan would last until morning. This was probably due to Ryan and Brian's efforts in other arenas. There was a wide selection... including Green (Ryan's Emerald Island Coolers) and Orange (Brian's RuTang), plus a variety of other colors to choose from.
Social Kitchen At times the kitchen was the social center of the party. Maybe it was because the food was there. Maybe it was because the drinks were there. I personally think it was because of the fish, but that's just an opinion. Here's another picture.
The Game The other "social" center (if you call it that) was engineering. Read the back of the shirt carefully. Kids, don't take that too seriously... otherwise you sit at a computer all night playing a single user game while the following is going on...
Dancin Once again the combination of loud music, some friends, and lots of alcohol kicked in and the dance party for what it was worth kicked in. Mostly it was just general silliness. But it was fun general silliness (which would last quite a while). Lots of silliness ensued, some of which were caught on camera: It begins, pump it up, go John, midget cameraman, between the legs shot, group shot, group shot 2, boogie fever, what the?!, taking a breather, needing help, get down, f-you too!, surprised.

Airwalkin At one point people were jumpin' to the music. Although you can't tell, during these pictures, none of the participants were touching the floor. Here's one with Craig airwalking.
Crowd Surfin I guess this answers the question about how many people are required to crowd surf. The answer is not many, but don't expect a lot of hang time.
Igor Igor! Get me another RuTang!

Yessss master!

Dancin Fool You may think that Timmons is just an average guy... but his friends know different. He is the MegaPlayboy! And the MegaPlayboy is a dancin' fool! Here's more proof positive.
Sleepin Beauty It was a long night and the recovery period would take lots of time and lots of rest. Many stayed the night to sleep off the damage done the night before. People slept where they could find room. Besides with over 90 hot dogs and 40 burgers.... there was still lots of food to get rid of.
The Aftermath There was a general mess the next day, as to be expected with any party. It really wasn't too bad, and we only had a couple spills. More pictures of the destruction.
Here are some miscellaneous pictures of the guests, regulars, and residents...
if you want to more about some of em, check out Greenwood's Most Wanted!
Mehve Craig'n'John Meg Ryan

Group Shot
Here's a nice group shot. I'm not sure when this was taken, but obviously not everyone was in it. Gomen.

Viva la France Here's Mike's salute to the French World Cup Team. They later went on to win the World Cup. Greenwood salutes you!
Spokesmodel Meg, our Spokesmodel for the night, showing off the Greenwood business card. Look for it at the next (east coast) anime con! Or send a self addressed stamped envelope to: Greenwood Business Card, PO Box 956321, Duluth GA 30096-9506.
Caught the paper The next morning, after I went to sleep at 5:30 (after waking John up to go to work at 6AM!), I was rudely awakened at 7:30AM by Phil (who said he wasn't staying the night) who needed a "hydraulic jack". After a couple minutes of processing my brain figured out what that meant. The paper guy had broken down outside the house and needed a jack... he was nice enough to give us a free newspaper anyway. (The hydraulic jack didn't fit under the car, so I had to dig my jack out of my car.) Here's the prize paper.