MDOA 5... The Mega Day Of Anime 5. What is it? Who is it? Why is it? What is this about the dong of a new age we keep hearing about?! These are the questions we pondered.

MDOA 5 was Univerity of Georgia's (UGAnime's) three day anime event. It was your normal college anime showing. It was fun, but nothing to take pictures about... (well, cute co-eds... but this is a family oriented web page) so why the web page?

Simple! This was the debut of Ryan: Action Photographer.

This is the story of...

MDOA5: The Voyage Home

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Here's a pretty standard photo. That's the Phil "Speed Demon Mark 2" (SDMk2) ahead of us. Ryan (Action Photographer) took this while sitting shotgun in Mehve's H-SLAG (Hi-Speed Low Altitude Glider). As you may notice, Mehve supports the fire fighters!
This is where Ryan (Action Photographer) really showed his stuff. This was taken while standng out of the sunroof on the H-SLAG. Atmospheric conditions were about 78 degrees Fahrenheit, 70% humidity, and wind speed of about 85 MPH. (Err.. if you're a cop, we were... uhh.. driving in a hurricane doing about 15 MPH.... yeah.)
Here's a couple of shots of the Speed Demon Mk2 passing us. You can clearly see all of crew aboard the SDMk2. What you don't see was the driver of the H-SLAG (Mehve himself) being blinded by the enormous flash.
Here's the SDMk2 pulling up at Greenwood after the long haul. Total elapsed driving time, 25 hours, 39 minutes, and 54 seconds. ("What?! Do we take a RIGHT here?!" "That's what the directions say." "Okay I suppose...") [Elapsed time accurate within 24 timezones]
Here's Phil, our professional stunt driver. This was performed on a open road course. Do not try this at home kids... you need at least a decent straightaway which you probably don't have in your house. Try a road instead.
Here's Kenshin, our professional stunt passenger, getting out of the SDMk2 with poise and confidence.

Now, that wasn't the only odd thing we saw on the way back... You see Ryan (Action Photographer) caught something odd in one of the shots taken out the sunroof. At first we thought it may be a UFO! See our proof for alien intelligence...

Actually, with some hi-tech magic and image anaylsis we figured out what it was. Here's a zoomed in shot off the original picture.