With only one year left in the history of mankind (Fear the Year 2000 bug! All your toasters will stop working and where would the world be without toast?), we decided to party like it was 1998, because otherwise it would be too cliche.
It was time for the second annual...

Greenwood New Year's Party

(Version .99)

On a never ending quest to make things bigger and better, we had a great turn out this year. Not a huge party, but a nice cozy size. It was practically a who's who of Greenwood's Most Wanted, with some new friends joining in. In attendance this year was:
Susan and Brad
Matt and Brian
Ryan and Timmons
John and Jessica
Heather and Dane
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The first of the people started showing up around 6pm, with a few people showing up a little later and making a grand entrance. Things started out slowly as we eased into the night.
He may look silly, he may look buzzed, but he can still play fighting games. Our own Phantom Resident, Matt. As it was still early, we just kind of hung out and goofed off, getting to know our newest guests a little better. That, and making sure Matt wasn't balding.
This year we had a new Blender God attending the party. Here's Brad whipping up some strawberry margaritas for the eager crowd. Hey! Phil! You already match the drink so it's not all for you! (Exhibit B: Phil and Drink)
And this picture basically sums up was what the whole night was about (until midnight anyway). Timmons: he's all about explosions. Here's another picture of Timmons with his masterpiece of explosives.
Sometime around now we broke into a spontaneous chorus of "Lean on Me". Drunken revelry at its finest.
Here we are 39 seconds left in 1998. We actually had cable TV this year so we could see this clearly! We also had good champagne this year as well! Our own Phil "Hot Pursuit" S. had promised us a good bottle at last year's party and he definitely came through. Greenwood toasted in the New Year with a bottle of 1982 Dom Perignon. It tasted nice even out of plastic champagne glasses.


And once again, at the beckoning of our resident DJ John, there was another outbreak of Dance Party Greenwood. ("No sleep till GREENWOOD!") It was starting to get a little crowded this year, but we managed. (HOT GIRL-ON-GIRL ACTION! That should get some good search engine hits.) It more proof that alcohol can lead to strange things. I couldn't figure out how to get the other thumbnails on the page, so I gave up trying: Here they are, the rest of Dance Party Greenwood (in no particular order): Ladies strutting their stuff, Work it out, Motion Blur, getting friendly, Laura, Symbol of Greenwood, Arches, Heather, Dacning Timmons!, Timmons getting him some, Ditto, Surf's Up!, Eep! Photogenic I ain't, "But wait! There's more!".

At Dance Party Greenwood, we had a special guest drop by! During "Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting", Jackie Chan himself dropped by. He gave Phil a big boot to tha' head for being overly intoxicated. John and Heather also got into the Kung-Fu groove.
Our special event for the night was Greenwood Thursday Night Thunder. Forget the WCW, WWF, etc al... we had the best. Tonights match (only on Web-For-View) was between Captain Intoxicated versus Drunk Boy.
Lots of other interesting stuff happened that night, but I'm kind of running out of steam working on this page. (I know I know, the layout is horrible!) So I'm just going to put these links here "temporarily" (which means I'll never get around to changing it). Please do take a look though, some are quite good.
Armed and Dangerous, Armed and Dangerous 2, Is that his TONGUE?!, Group Hug, Group Feet, Don't kill him!, Dog pile on Matt, Babysitting (Thanks Ryan and Brad!), Cozy, Sleepy, Headlock, Ta-dah!, Just chillin', A little too much, In the Big Chair, Mokona - Lord of the Dance, Midget Cameramen, Midget Cameramen 2 (What is this? Aika?!), Captain Rugged, Far-gone Phil, Obligatory Ryan Shot, Nap-time, What?!, The Finale.
The aftermath of the party. I hope everyone had fun at the party (even if bad luck befell some who left later), I definitely did. Here's the aftermath of the party. We had a couple party fouls, as is to be expected, but nothing major. Special thanks to Brad for the help cleaning up, and Laura for the replacement lighter (Timmons was totally ready to blow things up but we had no lighter)!