Otakon 98: Party in DC!

Our first convention since Katsucon, only one member of TeamGreenwood made it to this year's Otakon. Mehve, O-so-lazy-author-of-the-Greenwood's-webspace, flew up to our nation's capital escorting one of Greenwood's Most Wanted: Phil "Hot Pursuit" S. While performing his civic duty, he was side-tracked into the local anime convention which was going on in the very same hotel. Honestly! It was purely coincidental. Keeping a low profile, Mehve managed to see a number of other "most wanted" people. The proper paperwork was filed with the AMP, and here are some of the pictures he took as proof... These are submitted as evidence items one through forty-four.

Greenwood and Friends

As always, here are the pictures with thos held most dear to Greenwood... or most wanted.

The Crystal City Hyatt Regency. Home of Otakon 98, as well as numerous Japanese flight attendants who were there. (I tried to ask them what they thought of the convention, but couldn't find one that knew enough English. Ohh well.)   Another encounter with one of Greenwood's Most Wanted. It was a veritable crime wave with numerous other dangerous criminals showing up before the end of the con.
Here he was again. You can tell this was early because you can still see the floor of the room.   The MegaPlayboy in action. Who else could find a lady in need of directions to an anime convention in an underground mall?
Captain Rugged and a pair of Doublemint Cat Girls (Greenwood's Favorite CosPlay pair).   Brian with the ladies.
John with the ladies... I kept this picture mostly because of the Angel in the background. (I sure as heck have enough of the girls!)   A distant shot of Heather as Mai... unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of Meg and Heather in their "walk around" costumes.
My favorite Kenshin character... Misao!   Here's a pic of the House of Anime display in the dealer's room, with Chris working hard. As always, John put together a hell of a booth.
Ahh... Steve! Wouldn't be a convention without him... and as always, he's a hit with the girls.   Vision of Bubblegum Crisis? Bubblegumflowne?
Err... what more can I really say about Meg and Heather?   Neon Gen... ohh forget it, see the Bubblegum Crisis joke.
The Rossman with Doreman. Meow.   Here's a pic of the MegaPlayboy and the Rossman waiting to get stuff signed by the Shoji Kawamori.

Here are a couple of crowd shots for no reason.
The first two are the line for the dealer's room on Friday. The third is the autograph line for Shoji.

Ahh more pictures of the costumers! I would go through them and comment on the pictures, but I'm really too lazy to do so, right now I'm ill, and since it's been over a week, I figured I'd better get the page up pronto! There are no pictures of the actual CosPlay. Even though I was near the front, it was too dark for the digital camera to work well, and having two tall people in front of me didn't help either. I should have gone to the camera pit. The contest itself was okay. I think a lot of the skits did good, but the time limit, and the horrible audio basically killed it. Here are the pictures I got before and after the event:

Here's some more crowd pictures from Sunday. You can see the nice yellow fire trucks and us standing around. The fire alarm had gone off, and they evacuated the building. It was quite annoying. Especially since Phil and I just wanted to return the key (we'd already checked out) and then catch our flight back. But hey... that's life I suppose.