Greenwood... ON THE AIR!

You can listen to Radio Greenwood on 91.1 FM Atlanta, or on the internet RealAudio broadcast.
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I hear you asking, what is Radio Greenwood?

Well, way back when, WREK radio had a DJ named Ben. And this fellow, Ben, was friends with some of the Greenwood residents. Ben ran a show called "The Sunday Special", and every so often he invited us into his lair so we could do an anime music radio broadcast. "This is the music of Japanese Animation... WREK radio, brining you music you don't hear on the radio," was what he would say. Over a couple of years, we did six radio shows in all. After the 6th show, Ben graduated from GeorgiaTech (congrats!). As we no longer have a contact inside WREK, Radio Greenwood has been taken off the air. We had a great time doing it, and I hope some of you got to listen to it.

Thanks to all of those who have listened to our show and maybe one day in the future we'll get to do it again.

Next Show:

Whenever we find a DJ willing to let us take over their show.

If you want to know when the next radio show is, email me at
and I'll email you when we have the next date.
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This was our third radio show on WREK radio and probably our most successuful.

Just for a bit of history, the first radio show was host by Chuck and Mike and was great success. The second radio show was the first "Greenwood" Radio show, as it was hosted by Chuck, Mike, Dane, and Matt. This one wasn't so successful. We had a lot of fun, but since we didn't have much prior notice, no advertisement was done, and it was during the summer, we didn't get a whole lot of requests.

Ohh but this third one! This one was on par with the first if not better... Why not take a look at our radio-broadcast scrapbook? And see history, or at least the third radio show, in the making...