In this section you'll find the bio's and vital information about the members of Team Greenwood.

But what is Team Greenwood?

Simple! Team Greenwood is an elite multi-national team of highly-trained, highly-skilled individuals dedicated to making sure the ideals, principles, and spirit of Greenwood are preserved in the world and that everyone (regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, or location) can enjoy the freedoms and liberties embodied by Greenwood.

For example: In the spirit of friends, food, and festivities, Team Greenwood is proud to sponsor CHUDFest. Is it easy? No. Is it cheap? No. Is it fun? We sure as hell hope so! So Team Greenwood puts its time, money, and house on the line for everyone so they can enjoy a bit of that Greenwood spirit!

So check us out! We're fighting for you.

Team Greenwood: Keeping the world safe for fun!