Koko wa...
Koko wa...
Koko wa Greenwood!
Although you won't find any considerate fellows here, welcome to our Green Paradise!

Well, this is Greenwood. It's really called... well it doesn't actually have a name, so we figured it was easier to name it than just call it The House. Although some other's have dubbed it The Compound... but every one knows we dislike dubs.

A moment of silence for Greenwood!

As some of you may know, the three residents of Greenwood have decided to part ways... not out of any problems, just moving on with life really. Team Greenwood still exists and we still hang out all the time, but Greenwood (the house) is now just another house. Thanks to all those who've visted over the years: a moment of silence for the passing of an era... but we still keep the spirit alive!

(If anyone is interested, the landlords have put Greenwood up for sale for $136k...)