The Library

Welcome to the Greenwood Anime Library.

This custom-made (read as: badly constructed) bookshelf covers the entire 10' x 8' wall, and contains two small side wings (making the whole thing free standing).

It contains most of our anime collection including Greenwood's Top Video Picks.

Best estimates put the maximum capacity of the Greenwood Anime Library at approximately 1250 tapes, and we're about maxed out. Scary isn't it? Sure, some anime fans may have more tapes, but it sure is an impressive sight! (Actaully, we're started forcing Chuck to move tapes to the garage, cause it was getting out of hand.) We also have a fair collection of laserdiscs which is growing slowly.

Or at least we think so.

What happens when we run out of space? We haven't solved that problem yet... maybe it will call for Greenwood 2, The Bigger House, but that point should be a while away, so we're not really worried about it right now.