Welcome to the Greenwood MonoPlex Cinemas

Greenwood MonoPlex Cinemas
Aim for the top!
No, not Gunbuster, just the stairs.

Land o' Electronics
This also doubles as the library room for the films shown here in the MonoPlex.

Here is Greenwood's Official Timepeice. This is a custom made neon clock (courtesy of Strikeman). It emits a bright green glow which can be seen from the street and makes great lighting for Dance Party Greenwood. (Check out the events section!)

This the main screening room for Greenwood. Maximum capacity has yet to be tested, but its very comfortable when its just the Greenwood regulars, which is all that really counts. This is the spare TV, as we wait for wall-sized flat-screen active-matrix LCD monitor to come in... and we should be able to afford it in a life-time or two.