What's New and News @ Greenwood?

5 Nov/01: CHUDFest 2001

With the loss of Greenwood, CHUDFest also found itself homeless. Luckily, some friends in Athens helped us out. Maybe by next year, Mehve will have gotten over his new-house-syndrome and CHUDFest willbe ressurrected in its full glory. In the meantime, we had a great time in Athens this year and are glad to see CHUDFest live on. Check out some pictures here.

8 Aug/01: An Era Ends: Greenwood is no more

Well not really "no more". As of August, the three residents of Greenwood decided to move out and go our separate ways. We all still hang out, and Team Greenwood is alive and well, but the house (featured in the tour) is no longer where we reside. A moment of silence for good ol' Greenwood.

18 Feb/01: A New Look for Greenwood!

It's been a long time coming, but the Greenwood website has finally had somewhat of a makeover! New content will be added soon, but we were shooting to get the design and layout correct. Let us know what you think in the new Interact section!

31 Oct/00: CHUDFest 2000!

CHUDFest 2000 has come and gone and will be remembered fondly. Check out the new page!

22 Oct/00: CHUDFest 2000!

Greenwood now has a message board join us for lots of fun, intellectual discussions.
Lots of CHUDFest news at CHUDFest News page.

11 Oct/00: CHUDFest 2000!

CHUDFest 2000 is GO! Check out the news on the CHUDFest News page.

10 Aug/00: Summer BBQ Party 2000!

Okay, okay! I admit it. I've been a REALLY, really lazy bastard.

Also: Check out the new Summer BBQ Party!

15 Jan/00: The Almost New Millenium!

Okay, okay! I admit it. I've been a really lazy bastard. The Greenwood web was becoming a serious hassle to keep up to date with the way I had it set up. So now, I've gone to a much simpler format and have revamped a number of pages doing so. The overall effect is the same, but it will be much easier to maintain, and therefore (hopefully) will be kept more up to date.

Also: Check out the new CHUDFest '99 and New Year's pages!

6 Apr/99: Big news for the future!

First off: Radio Greenwood Six! This is our latest and greatest show... and also probably our last. Our WREK radio DJ friend, Ben, is soon to graduate. So catch our last broadcast and our on-air farewell.

Party! Check the Coming Soon page to see what's going on, see the latest Greenwood Party schedule, and how you can be present at one of Greenwood's big events.

Finally, I've gotten rid of the Nekocon and AWA 4 web pages that were "Under Construction". I mean, let's face it, I was never going to finish them. Besides, I had no pictures, and didn't attend either, so my hands were tied.

13 Mar/99: Oh, by the way, for those who hadn't noticed: Mehve is now back from England after 5 weeks. A couple minor fixes to the tour (750 tapes in the library?! No way, it's been over 1000 for months!) and the coming soon page.
28 Feb/99: Added Heather to Greenwood's Most Wanted. (The Few, The Proud, The Wanted.) and fixed a link on the events page.

By the way, we broke 1500 hits in a single month last month! And we had our first guest who knows about the web page from the business card AND played the jacket game!

1 Jan/99: New Years! It may just be a strange coincidence, but the numbers associated with this holiday just keep getting bigger... Kind of like Greenwood's New Year's Party! Check out this years festivities on the only place to find a Dancing Timmons, The Greenwood New Year's Party.

I've also updated two parts of the tour to show off some new additions. We now have a neon clock in the Greenwood MonoPlex Cinema and the tape library in Engineering has been MUCH changed since the first picture a year and a half ago. Why not check it out?

15 Nov/98: Well our Fifth Radio Greenwood show was on November 8th and was, as usual, a blast. Not much in the way of changes to the web pages mind you, but just a random update.
19 Oct/98: The events page has been updated with a new look. The main events page now only has a short description of the latest going-on's, and all the future happenings are on the Coming Soon page.

The Anime Weekend Atlanta 4 and NekoCon Ichi pages are still under construction, as Mehve awaits film developing and scanning to take place. Hopefully they will be online soon.

Of course, the BIG news was CHUDFest '98. "What's CHUDFest?" you ask. Well check the page out and see what you missed!

20 Aug/98: The Otakon 98 convention page is now online! See what you missed!

Also, the next installment of Radio Greenwood may come this fall. Keep an eye on the web page for details.

5 Aug/98: Added Meg and Timmons to the Greenwood's Most Wanted page! Check it out so you know who to look for!
2 Aug/98: Mehve is now at the limit of his web space on the server, so began to off-load some of the images onto another account (namely Kenshin's). This should not affect the page at all, as I only moved the images, so when you click to get the full sized image it'll load from elsewhere. This should all be transparent. (All the changes occurred on the older event pages, so if you find any broken links, please let me know.)

This was in preparation for the new Otakon '98 page that is to be made as soon as I get the time after I get back from the con! Keep an eye out for it.

13 Jul/98: The Independence Day Party page is now on-line! See the Greenwood crew celebrate the independence of this great country. It was fun and we hope you enjoy visiting the page as much as we enjoyed making the pictures.

Also! New in the People section: Greenwood's Most Wanted A collection of information and warnings about the people who are known and notorious around Greenwood's halls.

22 Jun/98: Lots of (minor) changes. Remade the top toolbar on all the pages. It's now easier to sign and view the guestbook.

My apologies to some of you who signed the guestbook. Bravenet has been changing their books, and told us that some data loss might occur. I know we've lost a couple entries!

The Greenwood People section is broken right now as I make some major changes. Keep an eye out for it here, it should be pretty good when done.

7 Jun/98: Fixed some broken links. Added some more info on the cons. Also, check us out on the Anime Web Turnpike under conventions!

No there's no GreenwoodCon... at least not yet, but we're under the photos and reports section under Greenwood Events.

31 May/98: Made some adjustments to the events page... I forgot to update the dates! Also, if you're having trouble remembering where we are... we now have a link on the Anime Web Turnpike.

Check it out under the "Personal Pages" section... look for "Greenwood Live".

18 May/98: The new MDOA 5 page is up. Check it out the events section!
7 May/98: Just some generic maintenance. Hey! Email us if you want to know when the next radio show is!
25 Apr/98: A Guestbook! Woo woo! Sign in!
13 Apr/98: Happy Friday the 13th again! RADIO GREENWOOD!!! Tune in on April 26 for the fourth Radio Greenwood broadcast... you can catch it in Atlanta or over the internet via RealAudio! Look for details on the events page!
13 Mar/98: Happy Friday the 13th everyone! The Katsucon 4 web page is up in the events section so check it out! Also made a minor revision to the tour as I've added a new fish to my monitor (it's in the kitchen if you can't find it). Still no word on the upcoming radio show, but soon... ohh very soon.
14 Feb/98: Kenshin's changed some of his top fives, and we're getting ready for Katsucon! (See the events page.) Also, keep an eye on the Radio Greenwood page, as we're probably doing a show in March.
20 Jan/98: Updated the site map a bit and made some changes to the Greenwood Top 5.
3 Jan/98: Added the Greenwood New Year's Party page! Made some minor changes to the other event pages (fixed some links and added links to the events pages...) Check it out in the events section.
30 Dec/97: Fixed some spelling problems! (Ryokin Ryo? Ryokurin Ryo?! Oops...)
14 Dec/97: Added a what's new page!
Added the story of the Phantom Resident to the page.. see the Misc section.
Added dealer's room pics to the AWA events page.
Added a home button to the toolbar, updated all pages to add this.
Fleshed out the main home page a bit.